The following productions are readily available for performance any time.

Harao-Kummei: Celebrations of Joy in Manipuri Dance

(Nominated for Lester Horton Award by the Dance Resource Centre of Los Angeles and received excellent review in Los Angeles times October 2007)

Brief Description: This production depicts celebrations of Manipur of the pre-Hindu (Indigenous) religion and also the of Hindu Vaishnavite tradition.

Total number of performers: four

Krishnagi wari: Stories of Krishna in Manipuri dance

(Invited performane in Los angeles city’s Dance series in May 2008 and in City heights Dance Festival, San Diego in August 2008)

Total number of performers: four

Bhaktirasgi Mangal-Khonjel: Sounds and Lights of Devotion

(Invited performance in University of Hawaii in April 2008 and selected for Unknown Theatre’s dance series in Hollywood October 2009)

Brief Description: The pioneering multimedia production in Manipuri dance this show consists of dance numbers from the traditional repertoire of classical Manipuri dance along with film segments of the ritual tradition from the temples of Manipur from which the stage numbers have been derived from.

Performed solo by Sohini Ray

Gita govinda: Romantic Love as Devotion

(Primered in the World Festival of Sacred Music, Los Angeles in September 2008 – sold out house – Selected as critic’s pick in LA Weekly – excellent review in Grammy magazine – Winner, lestor Horton Award)

Brief Description: Based on the classical 12th century poetry Gita govinda written by Hindu Vaishnavite poet devotee Jaydev this production depicts the love story of Radha and Krishna as being narrated by poet Jayadeva with glimpses of his life.

Total number of performers: six

Krishna Ningshingba: Remembering Krishna in Manipuri dance

(Premiered in Santa Cruz Fringe Festival in July 2012 and toured nationally. A production combining the professional company along with Manipuri Dance Visions Youth Ensemble.)

Brief Description: This production depicts childhood episodes from Lord Krishna's life and includes use masks.